N54 N63 N74 Piezoelectric Fuel Injector Cleaning

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Our cleaning and testing service is superior to others being offered on the market. The piezoelectric design of these injectors is quite different than the standard traditional port injector. Other companies using Port Injection test bench machines with addon boxes to enable the triggering of the piezoelectric is not adequate for multiple reasons. These test benches can neither test these style injectors at actual operating pressure, nor can they adequately control the varied pressure and amperage range the injector sees under operating conditions.

We test these injectors in numerous ways including analyzing several points of their respected waveform. The GDI (Gas Direct Injection) injectors operate much faster than a standard injector and in three stages. The amperage and waveform at each of the three injectors stage events is inspected. The design of the injectors means their operational current and pressure are always changing. The inferior test benches being used by other services aren't able to analyze the waveforms of the injectors, and even if they could, the data would be invalid, as the injector was never operated under proper conditions. The proper equipment, such as the machines we use here, are required to provide accurate and meaningful results.

Index 10 and Below N54 N63 N74 Injectors

As the index number implies, these injectors have been through numerous design iterations. These earlier index injectors were very prone to leaks due to design flaws internally in the injector. While our service can properly clean and test these older injectors, our service cannot fix the inherent design flaw, therefore please note there is a much lower success rate in saving these injectors.

It should also be noted that older injectors can respond particularly well to piezo stack regeneration, however this can be a double edged sword. Resetting the memory for the piezo stack allows the injector to perform in all it's capable ranges again. It's sort of like clearing the adaptation memory of the injector. This will again enable to the injector to operate in all it's capable ranges, however this can also cause the injector to form a leak sooner than later. There is a trade off that needs to be considered here.

Is it still worth servicing my older index injectors?

Ultimately that's for you to decide, everyone's circumstances are different. Considering the current price of new index 12 injectors, we think it's a viable option to consider. 

Current Index 12 Injectors

While the current index 12 injectors are far superior to their predecessors, piezoelectric style injector are still relatively new technology, and are not perfect. We've found only about 80% of these injectors will pass our stringent testing specifications.

This being said it's possible for an injectors to fail some tests by flowing out side of the minimum or maximum specified parameters set forth by Siemens and still perform flawlessly. While more uncommon, we have even seen brand new index 12 injectors to fail slightly outside of the specified values. An injector can't always be written off as unusable even with one failed test result.

In Summary

Our service is not a magic fix all for all injectors. we cannot offer a guarantee our cleaning and testing service will fully restore your injectors fully functioning form. Your expectations should be inline with what we have described above.